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  • March 11, 2017

What is it?
‘Orange peel’ looking skin mostly found around the legs, bum and tummy area predominantly in women.
Most common causes?
Cellulite affects people of all sizes not just those who are overweight. It is mostly caused by a poor diet and a build-up of toxins. This creates a reduction in the skin’s elasticity and poor circulation.
My top tips for reducing it:
*Eat a diet rich in antioxidants like brightly coloured vegetables and berries to reduce toxins in the body.
*Encourage blood flow by taking regular exercise.
*Increase your vitamin C intake to boost collagen production which increases the skins elasticity
*Include diuretic foods such as asparagus and cucumber
*Ensure you are drinking enough water as dehydration leads to water retention
*Decrease your alcohol intake as this is full of toxins and causes dehydration and fluid retention
*Cut out processed food and sugar – sugar slows down collagen production
*Reduce your caffeine intake as it spikes cortisol (stress hormone) levels which causes the storage of bodyfat. It is also a toxin.
A few of our supplements that can help:
Vitamin C Supplement with Grape Seed ExtractVinali
Clear out toxins and ease sugar withdrawal – Restoriix
Antioxidant filled superfood drink – Moa
Natural energy and focus – Rejuveniix
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