Client transformations

PT with KT is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals. Client’s goals range from booty building to shedding baby weight and preparing for their wedding day. Contact me to get started on your transformation.

I’ve been training with KT now for a few years. I mainly do weight training. I never thought I’d enjoy it so much but it’s such a variety and I never get bored! KT has helped me to love my body through lifting weights and give me the shape I was never able to achieve through ordinary cardio training.
Lauren W

So I’ve just completed Kaytee’s ‘Fit mums and tums’ challenge. The challenge was perfect for me as I can never find the time to go to the gym…. These last few weeks have been so intense and you have definitely nearly killed me at times… seeing the daily posts on the group gave me the push to keep going…. I have noticed different changes about my body and mostly how loose my favourite clothes are which is amazing! Thank you for choosing me for this challenge, it’s been tough but worth it.
Abi H

I started my fitness journey with Kaytee at PT with KT a year ago and I literally have not looked back….”I’ve had a baby” was an excuse that didn’t quite cut it 9 years on! So, a year ago, I braced myself and with a couple of friends went to one of Kaytee’s jump fit classes! We all LOVED it!! I’ve never been a fan of the ‘gym scene’ and felt quite intimidated… particularly after my small size 10 turned into a big size 12 (sometimes even a 14 when I wasn’t breathing in enough!)….but Kaytee’s studio is very intimate…we have upped our sessions to include 2 PT and 1 or 2 jump fit classes a week and I have seriously started to enjoy fitness!! Kaytee is firm but supportive and makes you work without realising you are! You can certainly feel it the next day so I know it’s working!! Kaytee has made me realise that positive attitude and allowing time for yourself is an important balance! …Thank you Kaytee!! I would highly recommend PT with KT to everyone.
Vic D

I did an 8 week challenge which Kaytee set up for me! It was great, I really enjoyed it!! I feel more confident in myself and going to the gym alone now! I found it easy to follow the programme and the diet plan was perfect for me!
Caroline P

Never thought I would love exercise…I can’t wait to go each session. Kaytee has made me feel so at ease. Always on the end of the phone if I need any advise or help. I have a few medical conditions so Kaytee has designed my work out to accommodate this. Best decision I have made to come and get fit with her.
Louise H

I love Kaytee’s PT and Jumpfit classes, I go with friends…Kaytee is such a great motivator you really don’t notice all the hard work you’re putting in. I can highly recommend her classes.
Stacey G

I have a weekly personal session with KT tailored to my individual needs, taking into account age, fitness level etc and I have benefited greatly and motivated to keep going.
Marie S

I did my first Jumpfit class back in early March…after a substantial time away from any form of fitness…was a concerned I’d look and feel out of my depth. The result couldn’t have been further from what happened. Kaytee is a great instructor who has an ability to motivate and encourage in an environment that you can feel comfortable in. The class is fun and I’ve noticed changes to my body shape and overall fitness levels…Brilliant class, lots of fun and laughs while burning calories…Recommend to anyone of any level to try the class.
Aimee D V

Would definitely recommend Jumpfit to people of all fitness levels! Great fun and a brilliant workout. Always a lovely, friendly atmosphere with the others in the class. Good music and routines made up by the lovely Kaytee Wilson. If, like me, you aren’t the biggest fan of exercise you should definitely give this a go, having fun whilst getting fit, perfect!
Charlotte M