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Dieting at work

  • April 9, 2017

When embarking on a fitness journey you can raise a few eyebrows in the workplace, but as it’s where alot of us spend most of our time it’s important to master how to eat well at work.

Heres my top tips for staying on track:

*Prep your meals and take them with you. This leads to less temptation or poor choices through convenience.

*When questioned on why you are eating differently simply say ‘I feel more energetic eating like this’ or ‘I enjoy this food’. This is less likely to create conflict than saying ‘I’m trying to lose weight’ or ‘It’s healthier to eat like this’.

*If you know you have a work lunch then adjust your meals either side to allow for it. (You can read more about this in the Balanced Life blog)

*If you have a work night out, offer to drive to excuse not drinking. You will cut down on calories, save a hangover and do your colleagues a favour.

*Ensure you have healthy snacks avaliable and keep bad ones away from your desk to avoid mindless eating

*Keeping a food diary is another way to avoid mindless eating as you will notice a pattern and writing it down helps prevent 1 biscuit becoming 6.

You will find at first people will question WHY you are doing these things but when the results come they will be a sking HOW you have made the changes.